Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today was a big day of firsts! To begin, I got my first post-chemo haircut. (!!!!, right?)



(So, okay, the changes are pretty minor, but it's less wispy! And more intentional looking! And I swear I don't look so brood-y all the time!)

I'm slightly impressed with my hair growing ability, as it's been under a year since my last haircut. Also, it seems that the shorter my hair is, the more compliments I get from random strangers, so hopefully the quarter inch that was removed will up the rate of compliments again.

After that, I went and ran a full 8 miles, which is a new personal distance record! I am now, hopefully, nearly prepared for the 50k relay I'm running in a couple weeks. Heart problems be damned!

After the run, I promptly went and passed out for an hour and a half. (You know, that whole not-enough-energy problem)


  1. If I were a stranger, I would definitely stop you on the street to compliment your haircut! As is, it looks great! Here is an older kitten video that is still super adorbs for your <3:

  2. I love it!!!! Congrats on your firsts!

  3. Well done Katie!!! Not only does your haircut look ADORABLE (and deserve every additional stranger compliment) but you ran 8 freakin' miles and are doing a 50k relay! You're so crazy cute, athletic and stubbornly strong it's mind blowing. Sending love your way!

  4. Your hair looks super cute! Did you feel weird getting a haircut?? I got my first cute a few weeks ago and it felt so strange.

    And congrats on the run! That's awesome :)