Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reader Request!

Since two of my very loyal readers have asked, I thought I'd post a follow up about the lifestyle change suggestions from the conference.

First off! Personal products! Parabens and Phthalates are pretty uniformly bad, and you should try to get them out of anything that touches your body, or at least reduce the number of products you use that have them. After extensive research (aka wandering around Sephora for an hour) Caitlin and I determined that Tarte and Bare Minerals are your best bets for fairly-easy-to-find makeup. Korres and The Body Shop are also pretty good about ingredients (and don't have that distinct, hippy-product smell. You know, like in the toiletries aisle at Whole Foods. That smell.)

A more detailed rundown of why certain products are specifically linked the breast cancer is here, and The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a pretty good resource in general for checking out what's in your products (and gives you a nice, color coded safety rating!)

Next! Plastics. They're kinda nasty, and while some are proven to be worse than others, it is best to keep them away from your food as much as possible. Things to definitely stop doing right now:

using plastic wrap on foods
microwaving anything in plastic
reusing or freezing plastic waterbottles
letting plastics 3, 6, or 7 touch your food

Things to consider working on:

storing food in any plastic at all (I am switching over to glass storage containers!)
stop using nonstick cookware in favor of cast iron, glass, or stainless steel

Also! Food. To be specific, produce. You might have already seen the Environmental Working Group's guide to produce shopping. Consider checking out the dirty dozen and the clean 15 and modifying your organic produce shopping accordingly.

All that being said, if you've been in my apartment you probably realize that this is more of a do as I say and not as I do sitch, as I pretty much hoard shampoos and lotions and all other toiletries and I'm probably going to use up every last drop before I make any switches. Also, organic produce is damn expensive and I often carry it around the grocery store and then switch it out for the cheaper, non-organic alternative at the last minute... (trying to work on that)


  1. I agree. Organic products are way too expensive. I wish they would fix that, cuz I like them sooooo much better . . . . :/

  2. Organic produce is only essential, so I've learned, if one eats the skin. So, for instance, a banana is safe because the skins get composted.

    I'm running low on make-up so I will keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks for pre-shopping for me, I hate shopping.

    As for plastic #6, it is THE worst--both with food in it and without (as in after use). Landfill it, it leaks toxins. Burn it, it leaks toxins. In water, it leaks toxins. Lovely.

    As someone who drinks milk from a plastic jug AND eats Lean Cuisines for lunch 4/5 days, this switch would be very difficult. It doesn't mean I'm not going to make it though. Thinking about getting my husband a Pyrex storage set for Xmas. Won't he be thrilled? ;)